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Posted 2 years ago

diet plan fail!! Went to 好好茶室 with colleague after work and tried out the food their. I ate 2 club sandwich. After that join another group of friend to spat cafe. We ordered spat burger and mix grilled. TELL ME how can I diet ??!! FML.

Sucks food tho.

And baby boy get drunk last night and vomiting while on call with me. I realize I have changed. I didn’t put anger on him until now. Let’s see how long I can stand. ((:

Posted 2 years ago

Recent life

Since school start on January, I stop blogging around Dec when I back to Malaysia. I could hardly connect to Internet because of the lousy accessed.

School life- my class everyday almost 9am-4pm at the first term whereas the second term 8am-6pm. Assignment whole slot as well as exam. I almost call myself genius for facing all this situation all this while.
Schoolwork wasn’t motivated me to work really hard which cause me really disappointed when knew about my result. I was decided to complete it within 2.5years, where the requirement is we have to achieve at least P1 grade for every subject in stage 1&3.
Currently I’m waiting for my placement interview at Pan Pacific Hotel @ Perth. I can’t wait for the placement so I can earn a lot of $$$.